Quality Questionnaires 2016-2021 4-15-21

Each row is one Quality Questionnaire.

Each column is a question from the Quality Questionnaire.

There are three sets of questions with 1-5 ratings, dealing with students’ reasons for choosing particular co-ops, skills students were able to develop in co-ops, and challenges students faced in co-ops. For those questions, the ranges go from a rating of 1, indicating that the topic in the column header was not really a factor, to a rating of 5, indicating that the topic in the column header was a major factor.

The sheet is sorted alphabetically by Employer Name, but can be sorted or filtered as needed.

Student names have been removed, as some students opt to be anonymous, but where students have provided contact information for the express purpose of allowing other students to reach out to them with questions about the co-op, that has been left in. Any student whose contact information appears in this sheet has agreed to be contacted by other students.