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Confirm your co-op placement

You must confirm when you have accepted a co-op placement in order to receive credit for the co-op and consideration for potential co-op funding.

Co-op interview and offer postings

Interview requests, offers, and hiring status changes submitted for each active quarter. This page is updated by 5pm daily.

Search co-op and post graduate jobs on our Symplicity site

Seeking job postings for co-op or post graduate positions? Looking for copies of your co-op and academic evaluations? Visit our Symplicity site and log in using your MyNortheastern credentials.

Co-op and career information for students

General resources for students, as well as sections containing resources, information, and announcements from our Private Sector, Government & Public Interest, Judicial, and LLM teams.

Fall 2021 Public Interest Virtual On-Campus Interview Program

The Center for Co-op and Career Development is hosting a virtual Public Interest On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program this fall. Interviews will be held over several dates in September and October. The program is primarily for 3L seeking post-graduate jobs, but there are...