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The Value of a Northeastern Law Co-op Student


Law firms and organizations of all types and sizes that partner with Northeastern University School of Law enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, resulting in high-quality, cost-effective legal assistance and efficient, diversified recruitment opportunities.

Our students have much more practical experience than those from other law schools. From the moment they begin their studies, Northeastern students tackle real client work through our unique Legal Skills in Social Context program, learning valuable lawyering skills while preparing for the complex challenges of their first co-op. By the time they graduate, our students already have almost a year of full-time work experience under their belt.

Northeastern students are motivated, capable, mature and intelligent, and they can handle the responsibility of delivering real value on projects of critical importance to your business. We greatly appreciate our partners and the opportunities they provide to our students, and we work to ensure that a proper match is made and that all parties are satisfied with each engagement.

Co-op Program Information & Requirements

Employers are required to provide students with substantive legal work under the supervision of a licensed attorney or judge, and to complete a one-page performance evaluation at the completion of the co-op. Students must work a minimum of 35 hours a week…

Post a Part-Time or Post Graduate Job

We use Symplicity to manage our job postings. You can register online for an account and post a job listing. You can also send us your job listings by e-mail to If you have any questions, please call (617) 373-2398.

Co-op Employer FAQs

What is required of employers?

Employers must provide students with a minimum of 35 hours per week of substantive legal work under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney. At the conclusion of the work placement, the supervising attorney must complete a performance evaluation using a form provided by Northeastern that becomes a permanent part of the student’s academic record.

Forms for Current Co-op Employers

Co-op Evaluations Co-op is an integral part of a Northeastern legal education, and the evaluations provided by co-op employers become part of the students' official transcripts. Co-op supervisors will receive emails from our office at the mid-point of the co-op term,...

Offer a Co-op

To find out more about offering a co-op, please fill out our employer application and we’ll contact you soon.